Kootje Dijkstra | Isla Cozumel
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10 Oct Isla Cozumel

Hi amigos!

Isla Cozumel was our next destination for the weekend. On Thursday, Lisse and I went out to Nebrina and to Amarulo, two night clubs in the downtown centre of Cancun. There was a promotion that offered us three different kinds of gin tonics for 150 pesos (7 euro), so we took our chance. A guy told us there was a Tropical Party in Amarulo, an other club where we had not been before. The party was nice, but we thought it would be more energetic and no one was dancing, which was a pity. On Friday the both of us unfortunately had to go to work pretty early. We planned to go to Cozumel for the weekend, and went to bed on time.

The next day, Lisse and I took the colectivo to Playa del Carmen. We wanted to have lunch first because we were really hungry, so we ordered ceviche with shrimps and some beers. Then Julia called us to ask if we had already left for Cozumel, which we had not. She decided to come as well after all, because at first she had to leave with her nanny-family for an event. In the mean time we were just tanning and eating while waiting for Julia.


After Julia arrived, Theresia called me and asked me as well whether we had left already or not. So we ordered some more beers and waited for her 🙂 When she arrived, we decided to go to Cozumel right away, because it was getting late and we had to go find accommodation.


During the 45-minute boattrip, we got to watch this beautiful sunset.


Arrived in Isla Cozumel! The thing I noticed first, was the amount of touristic shops. I have been in Cozumel before, around 9 years ago. In my imagination it was way more authentic and original than it is nowadays 🙁 But still, this was just the main area, and we had high hopes!


Walking around looking for a hostel! The ferry arrives right at the main street of Cozumel, so we walked into the city centre.


This 2TANK Dive Hostel seemed fine to us, so we decided to not look any further and drop our stuff here. It was actually a very nice and clean hostel, with great showers and even double beds. It was Julia’s first time in a hostel so she was releaved, haha!


And again we were hungry! We asked around for some nice place to have dinner, and the hostel owner recommended ‘Kinta’. Unfortunately the street in which Kinta is located was cordoned off, causing us not being able to pass through and have dinner there.
On our way back, we passed by Wet Wendy’s (yes, really).  I ordered fajitas for the first time, and it was delicious. There are a lot of Mexican dishes with tortillas, but they are all served differently. With fajitas, the stuffing, in this case chicken, is served seperately from the tortillas and the side dishes. Hereby you can mix all the dishes together in the way you like it the most. As a side dish you often get guacamole, tacos and frijoles (mashed beans). We ordered Margaritas as well (mango and pineapple) and they were huuuuge!!


Julia, yo, Theresia y Lisse!


We actually went to bed pretty early. We could not find any nice places to dance and the streets in Cozumel were empty (why??). So we went to bed and got up around 9 am and had some breakfast in a cute place in the neighborhood, called Antique.


Because we knew Cozumel is famous for its great reefs and corals, we took a cab and asked the driver to take us to the most beautiful spot on the island. He took us to this place, where we stayed for a few hours. It looks a little greasy on the outside, but it is beautiful in the water. There were a lot of fishes in many colors, sea urchins, coral and shells (not captured in the photo though).


Theresia in her natural habitat.


Theresia and Julia!


A lot of fishing boats were docked here.


The weather got a little worse while we were on the beach, and it even rained for a bit. But still, it is always humid in Mexico, so it is never cold 🙂


Strike a pose, Juul


Took a cab back to the city centre, to have lunch and catch the ferry of 4pm back to Playa del Carmen! The next one after 4pm was leaving at 6pm, which was too late for us. It is also better to travel in daylight and we had to work as well this Monday.


Cozumel still has some very cute places in the streets and lots of colours and street art.


We ran into this church as well! It was a little kitsch on the outside with striking lighting and flags, but it was pretty nice on the inside.

Afterwards, we took the ferry back to Playa del Carmen, and the colectivo to Cancun. It was a very nice weekend with these girls! We don’t think we are going back to Cozumel any time though, because it was a little bit disappointing and not like we expected it to be. But, we had fun!! 🙂