Kootje Dijkstra | Tulum at last
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31 Oct Tulum at last

Although we are eager to go out of Cancun in the weekends, it is very hard to make decisions every time. I do have a to see-list with all the places in Yucatán and Quintana Roo I want to visit, but whenever you meet people you kind of have to adjust your planning to the others. It is much more fun to go together than alone 🙂 Every monday we start doing research for places to see and how to get along in those places, and every Friday we still don’t know where to go, hahah. We actually wanted to go to Bacalar at first, but the weather forecast was so bad we decided we should not waste our time (5 hour drive) and money on a weekend full of rain and storm. But then, other places in the neighborhood kind of had the same forecast! Eventually we just took the plunge and went to Tulum, because it is a nice place and pretty close to Cancun (only 2 hours).

And we’re off! Took the colectivo to Playa del Carmen first, and then the colectivo to Tulum. For both trips it costs around 80 pesos, so much cheaper than the ADO.
I saw a hostel on the internet with cabanas and right in front of the beach, so we walked from the Tulum ruins to the place, called Zil Kin. When we arrived it looked like a nice hostel, so we dropped our stuff and went to the beach. Unfortunately it was very rainy and even a bit cold, so we decided we should leave and look for a hostel more in the city centre, because there was not much to do in this place and with rain it might could get a bit boring! So we packed our bags again and took a cab to the city centre. The taxi driver recommended the Hostal Ché, and it indeed looked like a great place and it offered free bikes and breakfast!

Took the bikes and went to the beach! Although it was rainy, there still was a lot of humidity and around 30 degrees.

Hiiiii Julia!

Tulum is a very cosy town with lots of old buildings, trees, street art and flowers!

We stopped at a little bay called El Paraiso (I think?) and climbed up on the rocks. It was really one of the most beautiful little beaches I have ever seen. It was calm, yet wild due to the high waves.


Caught in my Kodak-moment by Julia 🙂

Theresia climbed upon the rocks in the middle, but on her way back she misstepped and fell, hahah!


Andddd Julia caught in her Kodak-moment as well. She really takes awkward postures while photographing.


Found a little coral reef between the rocks. And can you spot Theresia on the rocks!? Hardly visible 🙂

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Julia being the crazy girl she is.

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Theresia and me. You can see the air turning pink a little. It was an amazing view from this bounty-beach.

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Continued our trip further to the hotel zone. There are a lot of beautiful hotels in this area. They are really expensive though, but if you are not traveling on a budget, you should definitely stay at one of these hotels. A famous and very popular one is the Azulik hotel. It has a beautiful beach and cabanas to stay in. In the hotel zone, there are a lot of restaurants and a few of them turn into a night club after 11. It is such a nice place because it looks like you are in the middle of nowhere, there are lights in trees everywhere and the ambience is just so magical.

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Our view from the shore. It was pink!!

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Sunrise beach! We climbed up on the highest rock in this small bay at the end of the hotel zone. It was getting dark so we had to get back in time. It can get a bit dangerous if you have to cycle back, because there is no street lightning.

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My travel buddies Julia and Theresia.

A little boomerang video I made from Julia and Theresia. Dancing on top of the rock 🙂

We got back to the hostel, completely soaked by the pouring rain, and jumped into the pool. It was nice to finally have a refresher after a very humid day. The hostel offered tacos as well for Saturday, and for only 80 pesos. We had to sign up for the supper and relaxed a bit at the pool. After the dinner, which was very good!! we hanged in the lobby in the garden and talked with a few guys from Australia about traveling and being on the road. We also met a Belgian girl who was traveling through Mexico as well.
We were hesitating about going to a Halloween party at the Papaya Playa Project, but decided not to go because we wanted to get up early for the Cobá ruins (haha we get up early way too often).


The next day, this little cutie joined me for breakfast. She was so cute and not timid at all! She just sat on my lap for an hour. Adorable 🙂


The breakfast was quiet good as well. We got some eggs, pineapple, watermelon, toast with maple and marmelade, black coffee, and cereals. Afterwards we had to check out at 11, but it was only 9 am. We packed our bags again and went looking for the colectivos to Cobá.

Lots of beautiful street art in Tulum.

And we arrived at the Cobá ruins! It was a trip of 40 minutes from Tulum. The hostel told us there would be colectivos running every 15 minutes, but after a while we still did not see any pass by. We thought taking a taxi could might be an other option, but after some bargaining with the taxi drivers, a way too high charge came out of it.

And suddenly there was a woman who offered us a ride. She saw us standing at the side of the road and it reminded her of her traveling life in the past. She and her husband decided to take us with them, since they live in Valladolid, which is close to Cobá. She was very kind and had the cutest daughter as well 🙂

The Cobá ruins were pretty cool. It is a more wide area with white roads (sacbes) from the settlements to the main pyramid, Nohoch Mul.
We only visited the settlements, because the Nohoch Mul was a very long walk and we were not really up to doing that. It was an impressive Mayan site with lots of new kind of structures and Mayan calenders, which I had not seen before, in for example the Ek Balam ruins. Especially the two ball court structures are beautiful and still very intact.

The place is called Cobá, because it means ‘waters stirred by the wind’. It is an appropriate name since the area is surrounded by two large lagoons full of crocodiles (could not spot them though).

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After visiting the ruins, we got hungry due to the long walks, so we wanted to look for a nice restaurant to have lunch. A guy at the Maya site told us to walk around the laguna, because in that small town there were a lot of restaurants. So we did, and when we got there, it was a totally deserted village and the streets were empty. I still don’t know why somebody would say something like that if it is not true, but ok.

Saw this little cutie on our way back. Sometimes it is really hard to see the amount of stray dogs in Mexico 🙁  The woman who took us with her told us a lot of stray dogs get eaten by the crocodiles in the laguna, so they hang around in the small towns nearby, causing a lot of disturbance.

We found out that there was only one ADO bus heading back to Tulum at 3pm, so we had to wait for 2,5 hours to be able to get back. We took a taxi instead, because we already saved money by lifting on our way there.
When we got back, we had a DELICIOUS lunch at a vegan place called La Hoja Verde. We had lunch there the first time in Tulum, and Theresia had not been there before, so we decided to go again. I ordered a vegetarian omelette made from potato, with avocado, mushroom, blue cheese and tomato, and a fresh pressed juice with beet, green apple, celery, strawberry and limon. It was sooooo good, I forgot to take a picture 🙂

Today it is Monday again, and I have to work again. It is Día de los Muertos today and tomorrow, so maybe there is a nice place where we can go celebrating.


Ko X