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24 Oct Valladolid


Our weekend in Valladolid was a well-spent one! I love this city, it is full of energy, color, beautiful people, amazing nature and history! We went on Saturday, because Lisse and Julia still had to work Friday night at a Halloween party. We decided to take the ADO bus Saturday morning at 8 am, so that we would arrive around 10 am. The bus ride was nice and comfortable, despite of the cold airconditioning (please take a sweater with you when traveling with ADO). We arrived on time, and walked into the city centre.


It was quite a search to the hostel ‘La Candelaria’, so we asked a local. The first things we noticed, were the colorful buildings, cars, and all the handpainted signs and facades, which gave it a real authentic Mexican vibe (finally after Americanized Cancun).


I think there are actually more buildings that are empty (they seemed empty), than occupied and in use. It is is the charm of Valladolid I guess, because it causes an impressive street scene.


Empty streets and derelict buildings.


We stopped by a nice place called Canteria, and drank some fresh made juices and much needed coffee. This place was very cute and with a little European vibe. Afterwards we saw that we had been sitting in front of the hostel the whole time, it was across the square!


We checked in, dropped our stuff in a locker and took four bikes that the hostel offered.


And again, finally we were able to cycle through the city! The hostel offers great bikes for only 100 pesos per day (+100 pesos deposit), which is 5 euros.


On our way we passed by some beautiful spots that I could not resist making a picture of. I like this kind of pictures with locals in their habitat 🙂 This man was just sitting in front of his house, smiling, and waving to passersby.


And this car!!! I want it to take it for a roadtrip.


On our way to the two cenotes that were recommended to us by the hostel owner: cenote Samula and cenote Xque’quen.


And suddenly, in the middle of our trip, there was a little Corona-shop, which suited us fine because it was hot and we had a few kilometers left to go 😀 😀


Lis enjoying her beer and resting for a second. And say hi to my new wallpaper, hahah.schermafbeelding-2016-10-24-om-11-11-16

This was the first one! Cenote Xque’quen. It is an amazing cave with stalactites. It is located next to cenote Samula, so for both cenotes you need to pay an entrance fee of 100 pesos. Inside the cenote it is really dark, and only a few lights are turned on and one hole illuminates the whole cave. One backdraw from this cenote is that because of the darkness, you are pretty soon done with the swimming. You can not see any fishes, stones, reef or whatsoever in this cenote. Hereby we left after 15 minutes and went to the next one: cenote Samula!


And this one was amazing as well!! Every cenote is much different from the other, so everytime it is a new magical place to see.


Julia took her iPhone 6 with a special under water case (scary) and we took the most funniest pictures which I won’t be showing on my website hahaha.


🙂 🙂 🙂


After the swim in the last cenote, we went back to the city centre to have some food and a drink! On the south side of the main square, there is a beautiful church called Iglesia de San Servacio. This church was built in 1545 by Francisco Hernandez and restored in 1700 due to the ‘Crime of the Mayors’. It was impressive!


View from the main square.schermafbeelding-2016-10-24-om-11-12-59

Lisse had a dentist appointment (joke) and un señor was getting a haircut.


Main square.


Two of my favorite pictures with one of my favorite people.


Streets of Valladolid 🙂


Ice cream and local shops with handpainted lettering.


Theresia and her ice cream


A final rest at the Candelaria square in front of the hostel! I love this picture of Theresia, Lisse and Julia


We had been given a really nice room with lots of color and a ‘Frida Kahlo’-touch! We rested for a bit and got ready to have dinner in the city. Lisse met three other guys in the hostel, and we decided to join them in the garden. They were really nice and full of travel stories. They all came from different countries; Alaska, Spain and Israël. It is one of the things I like the most about hostels; you get to meet lots of new people from different places.


We decided to walk into the city center to find a place to have dinner, and the guys, Nico, Pablo and Ryan, joined us. At the main square there is a food court, where we ordered ceviche (of course) and drank a few beers. We did not want to go out, because we wanted to get up early. The planning was to go to the Ek Balam ruins, so we needed some sleep to recover from this super awesome and incredible day 🙂
schermafbeelding-2016-10-24-om-11-14-08 schermafbeelding-2016-10-24-om-11-14-17

BEST THING about the hostel: the hammocks in the garden. We put on some music, snuggled in the hammock, watched the beautiful night sky and had nice conversations.

The next day we went to Ek Balam with the guys. I will write another post about this incredible day later on 🙂


Hasta luego! XX