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07 Nov Chill at Isla Mujeres

This weekend was a bit more about relax and chill, since Lisse’s friend Hilde arrived in Cancun Friday night. I had been not been feeling well Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday I was recovered from my flu (I think?) and was ready for the weekend. We went out to Amarula to have a beer and we wanted to dance. It was fun, but we went just for a few hours, because the next morning we were going to… Isla Mujeres!


Since Hilde had a long trip from The Netherlands to Cancun, we thought it would not be a great idea to go to Mérida or something right away, because it is a long trip. So I booked a room in the hostel Poc Na for the three of us to stay the night. Around 11 am, we took the ferry from Puerto Juárez to Isla Mujeres and Julia and I first drank a coffee while we were waiting for Lisse and Hilde. The weather was really great this weekend! Finally after two weeks of lots of rain. 

We got to meet Hilde when she arrived together with Lisse, and we went looking for a golf car to rent. We were actually pretty hungry, so we just drove the golf car all over the island looking for a nice place!

In the end we decided to have lunch at Playa Norte, the most beautiful spot of the island and it might even be the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. At Buho’s, we ordered guacamole (of course), ceviche con camarones (of course) and beers (of course!!). It was a bit expensive but totally worth it! 🙂


Afterwards we had to hand in the golf car, so we first went to the hostel Poc Na to drop our stuff and check in, and then went to the rental. The hostel was really nice and full of colour, chill spots and handpainted walls.


There was a nice vibe and very kind people. At the reception, we even got a voucher for welcome drink to spend in the evening at the party in Poc Na.

The room was very comfortable and clean! There were two airconditioners available (yes!) as well. The weather was cool actually so we didn’t even use those in the end. And moreover, the showers and toilets were clean as well (and hot!).

The hostel has a lot of chill spots where visitors can hang out, watch movies, read books (in our room there was a whole bookcase!), with hammocks and couches. In this main area there was also a table football.

The Poc Na hostel is located right in front of the beach, so when you enter this ‘gate’, you are right at the beach. Here you will find hammocks too, and a bar. In the evening, the party was at this bar. It was very nice! You are not allowed to swim though in the evening, because it could might get dangerous whenever you have had a few beers already. Furthermore, the Poc Na hostel organises beach volleyball games and there even is a spa! This is definitely one of my favorite hostels I have been to.


In our bikini’s we went back to the beach to have a swim, and then we saw Floor at a catamaran with her boss and some friends (she is a nanny too). We went up there and had a beer with them while watching an AMAZING sunset. It was a very nice party! They had to head back to Cancun though, so we swam back to the coast. Unfortunately we could not take our stuff with us to the boat so I was not able to take a picture of this view!! 🙁


In the evening, we were looking for a nice place to have dinner, and since there are a lot of small local restaurants with really good food, we decided we should just pick a place and order because we were hungry!! I ordered quesadillas with chicken and a fresh papaya juice, which was very good.


A nice thing about Isla Mujeres is that it is still very authentic, although it is getting worse with the tourism. There are a few very touristic streets with the same China stuff they sell everywhere in Mexico, but also there are local shops with handcrafted goods.


After dinner, we went to a restaurant with a roof terrace, where we ordered margaritas and mojitos. Unfortunately the place closed at 12, so we had to leave. In the hostel there was a party as well (every night + happy hour!), and since we got the welcome drinks, we decided to take a look 🙂 It was nice, but the music was not really our kind of music, so we went to the beach to watch the stars, which was waaay more better. Julia stayed as well, although she had to leave in the evening she decided to stay with us and take the first ferry.


The next morning, I woke up to this view (left photo), how beautiful!! Oh and this is Hilde in the middle!

We were able to get breakfast from 8am till 10.30am, and the breakfast was common, but good 🙂 I took toast with marmelade, boiled egg, papaya and coffee. It is all included with the price of the hostel.

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After breakfast we took showers and put our bikinis on, it was tan time! Playa Norte is really close to the hostel, so we just went there because it is the prettiest place 🙂


Andddd coco time! I love coconuts and this man was just too cute.


We talked about how badly we want to surf in Mexico!! In this area of Mexico there are not many places where you are able to surf due to the waves and reefs, but more up north close to Mérida (Celestún), there are some spots. Hopefully we can surf soon!


We had lunch at Buho’s again and then it was already time to leave. We all have to work on Monday so time to get the ferry back to Cancun. Hilde headed back around 5.30 pm, but Lis and I decided to take one more coffee at a very cute place. And then we came up with the idea of going to the cinema to watch a movie!

We watched ‘Swiss Army Man’, which was the most strange movie I have ever seen. It is about a guy who becomes friends with a dead person (played by Daniel Radcliffe aka Harry Potter :)) after being stranded on a deserted island. And while dragging the corpse along his trip back to mainland, he makes up a whole world of imagination with him. We were a bit flabbergasted afterwards.

And then I got back home and went to sleep right away, I was so tired!!
Now a week full of work again and make some plans for the next weekend! Wednesday we have a party at Floor’s place, and Thursday is Lisse’s birthday.


Bye XX