Kootje Dijkstra | Bacalar pueblo mágico
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16 Dec Bacalar pueblo mágico

Ohhh man, last weekend in Bacalar was so incredible and amazing. It definitely reached my top 3 of best places in Yucatán (have only been in Yucatán Peninsula 🙂 ), besides of Holbox.

Bacalar’s name is derived from the Mayan: b’ak halal, which means ‘surrounded by the reeds’. It was also a city of the Maya civilization.

We went with four girls; Floor, Julia, Hilde and I. We were supposed to leave on Saturday morning at 7am, and we bought tickets already the day before. Unfortunately, Julia Floor and I overslept and missed the bus!! Luckily we could change our tickets, for an extra fee though, and we took the bus of 8am. After an 5,5 hour busride, we finally arrived in the amazing Bacalar! We did not book any hostels yet, because we actually had not decided yet which one to go to.

img_7470I read before on Hostelworld that Magic Bacalar got highly recommended, so we asked a taxi driver to take us there. It immediately looked very nice in our opinion!

When we arrived, we checked in and waited for a bit while we ate a delicious shrimp ceviche and guacamole 🙂

We were able to check in and when we walked up to the lake side, where we saw the most beautiful view. And right in front of our cabana!

img_7473The cabana!

img_7514After dropping our stuff, we went to the pier with the roofed cabana upon it, where a super chill hammock was waiting for us to enjoy the incredible view. The colors were clearly visible and this lake does definitely justice to its name ‘Laguna de los siete colores’ (lagoon with 7 colors).

img_7495The weather was a little cloudy, but still a nice temperature.

img_7502Panoramic view! And spot the rainbow

img_7519Nice chill spot with sleeping bags ♥

img_7527And suddenly we saw a rainbow! Very nice experience. And this photo has NO FILTER! ♥ ♥ ♥

Grandma reading her Lonely Planet 🙂

img_7555 In the evening, we went to the ‘city centre’, and the hostel owner recommended us to go to a nice pizza place. We found this one and we ordered some really delicious Italian food! After all those tacos, enchiladas, fajitas and many more, we were craving for some Italian dishes! And, a GOOD coffee for once! Afterwards we went to a cocktail bar called Buddha, and had one cocktail there. The place was so empty so we went to another place with live music and a lotttt of hippies 🙂

img_7591In the morning, we arranged a boat trip with the guide from the hostel. It cost 400 pesos per person, which is around 20 euro. I don’t think that is expensive for a 3 hour boat trip with guide! We were supposed to leave at 7.30am, but when we got up at 6.45 we immediately felt the extreme (by Mexican standards) cold and a bit of rain and we asked if it was possible to reschedule the trip to 10.30am.

schermafbeelding-2016-12-16-om-10-37-25Unfortunately, my sleeping rest was disturbed already so Julia and I decided to go upon the pier again and watch the sunrise. It was cloudy, but so peaceful and beautiful. I took some music with me and my ereader (currently reading Girl on a Train) and chilled in the hammock.

And then it was time for the boat trip! After Hilde, Julia and Floor took some more rest, we were ready to start. The guide gave us lifevests and we entered the catamaran. The tour was going to last for three hours.

The first stop was at a pirate canal, which links the river Hondo to Laguna Bacalar. This is the place where they carried out their battles.

This was one of the defending forts of the pirates in the 17th century.

Also, on this spot there was a lot of natural clay with minerals and we made our own mud masks of it 🙂 Looks disgusting

And after that we needed a bath of course. This photo has NO FILTER as well.. these colors were just amazing and it is incredible that it is just a lake.

With Juul!! ♥ ♥ ♥

         Love this viewwwwww

img_0079The second stop was this enormous cenote attached to the lake. This was very special, because this cenote is fully connected with the lake, but the water in it is so much different and it looks black! Where the lake is so clear you can see everything, the cenote is totally black.

bacalarI took this photo from the internet, to show the cenote attached to the lake (the second one). It looks amazing from above and even more special in real life.

This cenote had a diameter of approximately 200 meters and a depth of 90 meters. The guide told us there was a meteriorite impact many years ago which caused the enormous depth of the cenote. I actually find that quite a weird story and the internet didn’t make it any clearer, but I don’t know, hahah!

Koot in the float 🙂

The last spot was at a bird island, but unfortunately we only saw one. I did not take any pictures there. The tour guide made us some delicious sandwiches and piña over there and we swam for a bit before heading back to the hostel.

Around 2pm, we got back at the hostel and had to check out. Magic Bacalar hostel has been an amazing experience and I can definitely recommend to go there whenever you are planning on staying in Bacalar. It is super chill, you sleep right in front of the lake, the ceviche and the breakfast in the morning were both really tasty as well. There is WiFi (only in the ‘lobby’ though, but who cares with that view?) and the staff is really friendly and helpful.

schermafbeelding-2016-12-16-om-10-36-59 And, they have the two cutest birds!!

After that we decided we could stay a little bit longer to check out the city centre and have dinner. Around 4pm we went to this last spot right in front of the lake. I forgot the name, but the food was really good there! The nice evening sun was so relaxing and there was almost no cloud in the sky. Bacalar is just pure peace and relaxation ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

schermafbeelding-2016-12-16-om-10-37-06A little more shopping before leaving to Cancún again! This shop was next to the ADO bus station and had many handcrafted dreamcatchers, jewelry, and also this kind of statue with coral on it (not sure?). I want to take so many things with me back to The Netherlands, but unfortunately this would not survive my flight I guess 🙁

The bus ride back was a bit terror and uncomfortable but after 6,5 hours we finally made it to Cancún! A short night, but totally worth it!

See you later Bacalar!