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01 Dec Holbox heaven

Yesssssss!! This weekend we finally got to go to the beautiful Isla Holbox. We had been wanting to go there for weeks, and last weekend we finally took the plunge and went! At first we wanted to go with the Mayab bus, bus then José (the nanny dad of Hilde) offered us to take the car, so kind! So Friday night, Julia, Lisse, Hilde and I started our 2,5 hour roadtrip, heading to Chiquila.

Amazing sunset on Avenida Lopez Portillo!

In Chiquila, we had to take the ferry to Holbox, it costs around 120 pesos. Arrived in Holbox, we immediately saw lots of cute shops with handcrafted jewelry and clothing, and Lisse bought a sarong in this one.

We looked for a hostel to stay and stood upon this one: The Eco Hostel. We got two private rooms which were very cute and cosy. Lis and I shared a double bed and Julia and Hilde had two single beds.

The next morning, we had breakfast at this cute place at the main plaza. The four of us took a granola yoghurt with fruits, coffee and a cranberry juice, and it was soooo good!!


After that, we went for a walk on the beach to the most southern spot of the island, Punta Coco. Someone recommended us to go there, and told us it was very quiet and calm. It was about an hour of walking, but on the road we stood upon many deserted building pieces. Especially this one was very impressive with a beautiful poem.

♥ ♥ ♥

Such an amazing beach at Holbox! White sand, clear blue sea and no cloud in the sky 🙂

On our way to Punta Coco! It is a mix of nature with trees, plants and flowers, and a few palmtrees. But not really like the ‘Caribbean’-palmtree kind of beach 🙂

Arrived at the southest point! Punta Coco! We bought some beers and chips earlier, because the guy told us there really was nothing over there, and chilled for a bit at this beautiful spot.

So pretty!!!!!!!!

Lis and her Cuban hat.

We were thinking about doing a horse riding trip during our stay on Holbox, so when we saw these horses on the road, we asked for information. We were able to do it in the afternoon or in the early morning the next day. In the end we didn’t do the trip, because we had an ATM problem, whereby we simply didn’t have the money for it 🙁

Amazing view

Another left piece of building.

And all spread out over the beach, these kind of messages!

Love these girls ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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‘One always returns to those places where he loves life’

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Hilde, Julia and Lisse

Lisse and I, and a tree. I love how the colors stand out together.

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Our picknick spot!

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Amazing view and best chill spot ever.

And thennnn.. lunchtime! On our way back, we walked across this place where we ordered a ceviche, some coffee, and guacamole of course.

Then we walked into the city centre…

.. where we saw lots of beautiful street art! And also, this cute little place in where a very artistic hippie was selling handcrafted bikinis, tops and jewelry.

And of course the famous Holbox painting. Whenever you Google Isla Holbox, you will definitely see this picture pop up 🙂

Kids playing at the local market at the main plaza. Spot the little girl with the doll, so cute 🙂

Selfie timeeeee

In the evening, we went to the pier to watch the sunset. At first, we were planning on going to the other side of the island to watch it, because we heard there was a beautiful spot with flamingos..

Unfortunately, we had a small money issue since there were no ATMs in service at that time, so we decided to just stay there. And after all this was for the best, because the sun was going down at this side anyway, hahha!

After this sunset, we got hungry again! We had to take it easy with our money, because the ATM was still not in service. We decided we should taste the streetfood, since it is much cheaper anyway, and at this foodcourt we ordered quesadillas with vegetables for 40 pesos. Estaba delicioso 🙂

Ready for a few beers at the bar in the hostel, which we traded for shells hahaha. We were planning on going to that spot after all, but in the morning, so we went to bed on time. Unfortunately, we had a very short night, due to the raccoons on our palapa roof!!

Sunday, 6 am in the morning… SO BEAUTIFUL!!! We were all very sleepy and we left for our morning hike around 5.30am, which is pretty early for us Mexicans 🙂

Even though I wanted to stay in bed so badly and have some more sleep, I did not regret getting up! This view was definitely worth the short night and 1,5 hour hike!

Chilling and practicing yoga, on our secluded beach with only the four of us!

Beautifullllll sunrise

Juul, Hilde and Lisse



There they were, FLAMINGOS! ♥ ♥ ♥ I had never seen them before except for the ones in the zoo, but they were so pretty and bright pink!

This area was full of all kinds of shells and starfishes, and even pink ones!

A lot of shells were pink colored, which is a result of the pink plankton that grows in the sea. Also, flamingos owe their bright color to this plankton, because whenever they eat it, it dispenses color to their feathers.

Look how clear the water is!! And after our hike back (this time through the water since the water only comes up to your knees), we finally were able to pay with our creditcard and have breakfast! So hungry!!! And these pancakes were delicious.


Time to head back to Cancún! On our way back, we still had some time to go somewhere, but we didn’t know where to go. We googled for a cenote to have a swim, and found one really close. Google Maps sent us to the middle of nowhere and suddenly we were in the jungle on a very bumpy road. And there it was, a whole Mayan village!? The residents all came up to see who had been crashing their property and it looked like they had never even seen a ‘white’ person before. They were totally flabbergasted. They let us upon their watchtower which they had built by themselves, where we could watch the sunset. It was incredible to experience a real Mexican Mayan village, totally unexpected! All the ‘houses’ were made of clay, wood and reed, there were wells and it smelled so prehistoric. Really cool!

We got hungry, stopped on the side of the road and took some tamales, molotes and empanadas. Especially the tamales (on the picture) and molotes were new to me, and I decided I should try them some time. A tamale is made of dough, filled with all kinds of stuffing (in my case; chicken) and wrapped and steamed in banana leaf. A molote is a dough pastry on a corn base, filled with beans and tomatoes and, sometimes, shredded beef.

After our ‘dinner’, it was time to leave! Around 9.30pm we arrived in Cancún, and when I got home I immediately was out like a light 🙂
This weekend was very special and peaceful, and I wish I could have stayed longer!! ♥ ♥