Kootje Dijkstra | Cuba: Trinidad
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07 Jan Cuba: Trinidad

After two days in Havana, it was time to check out another amazing place that was recommended by almost everyone I spoke when I was planning my trip to Cuba, and it even is mentioned on the UNESCO World Heritage- list! Despite having limited time in Cuba, we ended up spending a few days in Trinidad as well. It was hard to make a decision between the valleys of Viñales and Trinidad, but I think it was worth it. And now I have even more reasons to go back an other time to visit the remaining places 🙂 I can only confirm that Trinidad is a beautiful city, with a lot of history. Other like Havana, the ambiance in Trinidad is much more ‘tranquilo’ and it is surrounded by mountains and wildlife.

Trinidad was founded over 500 years ago, and it still seems like the town is in the colonial days, just like Havana. Again it strikes that the buildings are brightly colored and it has many oldtimers driving around as well.
A difference between Havana and Trinidad, is that Trinidad is more like a village, mainly because of the small, cobblestoned streets.

In the morning, we booked a colectivo taxi to Trinidad, which was going to leave at 10.30am. The road to Trinidad was amazing.. after a few minutes out of Havana, we were suddenly driving through the mountains. And it went on and on for the upcoming 5 hours..

The photos are a bit blurry, but still.


Again.. we were staying in a casa particular, which Denisse from the former hostel booked for us. The same rules regarding to accommodation apply for Trinidad (whole Cuba), so there are a lot of casas available for tourists.


We received a very warm welcome from the owner and she offered us a very spacious room with two double beds! Yesssss, those beds were very much needed after two days in crappy bunk beds.


Time to explore Trinidad! We first walked up to the highest points of Trinidad, and did a little hiking.

And back to the city centre with our ride!



Lunch in a restaurant! I forgot the name, but it was a very cosy place with nice pizza.


With Floor and Lis



Very nice view!!


In the evening, we went to the main plaza. There are a lot of cute restaurants with good food, both traditional dishes as international dishes like pizza/pasta. There was some nice live music in this place with Buena Vista Social Club-songs (of course). And also, we were able to order mojitos! Because of the death of Fidel Castro, a lot of restaurants were not serving alcohol, to show respect to Fidel and the national mourning of 9 days. But apparently those days were now over and the rum took back his place on every bar 🙂

In the evening, we went back to the casa early and I chilled a bit longer in the hammock in the garden.


The breakfast in the morning! This breakfast was by far the best one in Cuba, because after two days of almost no breakfast in Havana, we almost forgot what breakfast was supposed to look like 🙂 🙂 The owner served us coffee, fresh fruits, toast with marmelade and butter, eggs with cheese and vegetables, milk and fresh papaya juice. Soooo good.


Of course, we bought some cigars as souvenirs! This was a very touristic shop but showed perfectly how the cigars were made.


The only ways of transport in Trinidad are horse and carriage, oldtimers and bikes..


And this was Trinidad! We had to get back to Havana the next evening, because our flight was leaving from the International Airport. We wanted to stay a bit longer and do the trip to the valleys with the sugarmills, but we were not able, for lack of time 🙁

On the 25th of December, first Christmasday, we flew back to Cancún. Unfortunately with lots of delay and around 8.30pm, we were finally home! Going to Cuba has definitely been one of my best choices ever and it was worth every CUC in my wallet 🙂 Hasta la vista, Cuba!