Kootje Dijkstra | First 24 hours in Seoul
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23 Aug First 24 hours in Seoul

On the 21st, it was time for me to say goodbye once again! Lucky for me, my wisdom tooth is coming through and I had to take a visit to the dentist few hours before I was going to leave 🙁 High on painkillers I took my flight from Amsterdam at 9pm, and on the 22nd at 3pm local Korean time, I arrived in Seoul!  I claimed my luggage and went looking for the busstop 6013, which would lead me to the Konkuk University area. I found it quickly and hopped on that bus. On the road, I took the view all in and had to process the fact that I actually made it to Seoul, to the right bus and that I was heading in the right direction. I noticed it right away: Korea is cooool! Cool people, great fashion, color explosions and very, VERY kind people. The guy at the ticket booth couldn’t speak a word English, but helped me as good as possible.

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-23 om 15.34.15

80 minutes later, I arrived at the ‘fhbhwebnijan’ (?) station and walked for about 10 minutes to get to the Konkuk gate. At the International Office I received my dorm card. I took a looooong shower, because the humid heat was killing me, and unpacked my bags. My huge suitcase does not fit anywhere in the room, so my closet space is now, unfortunately, gone. Glad I didn’t bring as much as last year 😉

Due to the fact that my wisdom tooth hurts like hell, I am not able to eat any solid food. Therefore I went looking for the nearest supermarket to get some juice or fruit. I found the STAR City market, right across the Konkuk area, and bought some bananas and juice. Note to self: find local markets asap, because these prices are waaaay too high!

This morning (23rd) I got up at 9am, because it is Orientation Day. The International Student Volunteers held a presentation about Konkuk University and explained us some important issues like bank accounts, Alien Registration Cards and dormitory rules. Afterwards we had lunch and got a campus tour. Tomorrow we need to register for the courses again, and in the evening there is a Welcoming Party.

So far, so good! Everything has been going well and I feel okay, besides the jetlag and the tooth-thing. Tomorrow, there is an opening party in one of the 28 buildings in the Konkuk area. Would be nice to meet some other students from the International Program!

Schermafbeelding 2017-08-23 om 15.34.23

Well, this will be my home for the next four months.. pretty cool view right? 🙂