Kootje Dijkstra | One month in Spain
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24 Sep One month in Spain

The month has almost passed.
At the 26th of August, I left for Spain. The aim of all this was to start with the internship and graduation project at AporVino Buenos Vinos, and it all went different than expected!

This is Cáceres. The old city of Cáceres has been declared as an official UNESCO World Heritage site and is indeed really impressive. The left picture is the Plaza Mayor, filled with a few restaurants and small shops. // La Iglesia de San Francisco Javier (1698), located on the Plaza de San Jorge

Street art in Madrid // Street scenery in Cáceres

Tiles in a convent in Cáceres // The so called ‘casco antiguo’ only resides about 350 people, as it is a monumental site.

The University of Extremadura in Cáceres organizes a lot of activities for Erasmus students. Because of that, I was lucky to meet these Mexicans Tony & André.

Besitos desde Calle San Antón! / Exploring the old town, snapped by Tony.

Mis abuelos celebrated their 50th anniversary, whereby I decided to surprise them by coming home for the weekend. I had to take a bus to Seville of 4 hours, and from there on a 3 hour flight. For me the perfect opportunity to stay in Seville a few hours longer. This is a wooden structure located at the square of ‘La Encarnación’. It was designed by a German Architect and fully completed in 2011. // The streets of Seville strike in many ways. One of those is the street art, as there are a lot of paintings and graffiti works to be found. Apparently many of the murals have been part of a restoration project in which old apartment buildings had to brighten up and revive the city.

More Seville street scenery

After Seville, I spent the weekend in the Netherlands to celebrate with the grandparents. On Sunday I flew back and on Monday, the new week started.

I will now move on to Portugal for an amount of time, and then head back to the Netherlands in October.