Kootje Dijkstra | Lastly: Portugal
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21 Oct Lastly: Portugal

After my short stay in Spain, I decided to not return home yet. Suddenly I had spare time and I therefore took a bus to Porto. Later on I went to Lisbon for 10 days. Locals Hostel in Lisbon took me in, where I spent my days wandering round Lisbon and having Sagres beers, vegan dinners (thanks Julie), great talks with beautiful people, sleepover parties, making music together, beach days and rooftop parties.

Now, gaze upon the works of art I found in Portugal 🙂


View from the Locals Hostel / Lisbon

Street art / Porto

Street art / Porto

Street art / Porto

Perpetual Isolation / Lisbon

Smoking woman / Lisbon

Miradouro / Lisbon

Alfama / Lisbon

Azulejos / Lisbon

LX Factory / Lisbon

Feira Da Ladra market on Saturday / Lisbon