Kootje Dijkstra | analogphotography
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30 Jan Fall / Winter analog shots

A few weeks ago I went thrift shopping after a long day of work. I stumbled upon a Ricoh RZ-750 from 1989 🙂
After my purchase of € 1,50 (lol) I went straight away to the handyman shop, where I bought the needed battery of € 18 (lol) and I was good to go.

Unfortunately there were some missed shots. The camera works with a 35mm film which I rolled in the right way. It’s a bit of trying and noodling with the focus, as you have to stand reaaaally still to not get it blurry (duh). I also tried to work with the multiple exposure function but I didn’t really manage to take a good shot with it.

Anyways, these pictures are a few of the result. The nearby natural area around my hometown turned out to be very photogenic for try-outs 🙂