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About This Project

Last weekend, I went to Berlin together with my dad and two sisters Pippi and Babbe. It was such a nice city! And so close to our hometown. Notwithstanding it was a pretty long drive, around 6 hours. Unfortunately we had quite some traffic jams, whereby we arrived a bit later than expected. Around a year ago, our dad bought a Volkswagen bus, which is very useful with trips like these.

You just slide the roof up, flat bench, and wham you have got four people sleeping there. Bicycles attached on the bus, hop on and off the train, and there you are in the middle of the Hauptbahnhof! From there on, everything is well accessible, and you will save a lot of money on public transportation costs.

We stayed in Berlin for three days (and yes, the nights were still really cold), and on Monday we drove back home.



April, 2016

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