Kootje Dijkstra | Zenit Publicidad
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About This Project

In the period of August 2016 till January 2017, I have completed an internship program as part of my study International Business and Languages, in Cancun in Mexico. It has been a great pleasure to work for this highly valued marketing company Zenit Publicidad. Working with foreigners and experiencing how it is like to work in a company in another country, has been very special and informative. Zenit Publicidad offered me a lot of variety, and I got acquainted with many aspects of the marketing and graphic design branche. Also, the overall experience of living abroad is something I could recommend to anyone! It will give you a broad point of view in many ways.

Thank you Zenit Publicidad for offering me this opportunity and providing me with information regarding to my internship assignment. Also, thanks to Avans University for the guidance throughout the project.

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