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03 Jan
Cuba: Havana

On the 20th of December, Lisse, Floor and I finally flew to Cuba! We booked the flight the month before, and now the time had come. When I left for Mexico, I was hoping so badly that I would meet some nice people who were also...

26 Oct
Hostel La Candelaria

This weekend in Valladolid was, as stated before, a really nice one! Speaking for myself, this city was on my must see list from the beginning, and I was doing research for quite a long time already. When I finally convinced the girls to join...

25 Oct
Ek ‘Balam ruins

Visiting the ruins of Ek 'Balam was on our schedule for Sunday. It was recommended by the hostel owner and I read about it in my Lonely Planet as well. I did some research before during my workweek and it looked quite impressive, so we thought...

24 Oct

Hi!! Our weekend in Valladolid was a well-spent one! I love this city, it is full of energy, color, beautiful people, amazing nature and history! We went on Saturday, because Lisse and Julia still had to work Friday night at a Halloween party. We decided to take the ADO...

02 Jun
Citytrip Budapest

Wat een heerlijk midweekje! Ik ben net terug van 3 dagen citytrip naar Budapest, samen met mijn zusje Babbe. We hebben het ontzettend leuk gehad en het weer was echt heel erg fijn, zo'n 28 graden elke dag! Ik heb haar meegenomen omdat ze eindexamen...