Kootje Dijkstra | Photography
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30 Jan
Fall / Winter analog shots

A few weeks ago I went thrift shopping after a long day of work. I stumbled upon a Ricoh RZ-750 from 1989 :) After my purchase of € 1,50 (lol) I went straight away to the handyman shop, where I bought the needed battery of €...

25 Feb
2018: Hi Cambodia!

The new year had started, 2018! We spent it in Mui Né, Vietnam, and stayed in the same hostel for a couple of days. After Mui Né, we went to Ho Chi Minh/Saigon as our final destination in Vietnam. After spending two days in the...

24 Feb
December in Vietnam

At the 16th of December, our semester at Konkuk University ended after 20 weeks and it was time for us to start with the month of traveling. During our time in Korea, we were already planning it a bit ahead, about where to go after...