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31 Oct
Tulum at last

Although we are eager to go out of Cancun in the weekends, it is very hard to make decisions every time. I do have a to see-list with all the...

26 Oct
Hostel La Candelaria

This weekend in Valladolid was, as stated before, a really nice one! Speaking for myself, this city was on my must see list from the beginning, and I was doing...

25 Oct
Ek ‘Balam ruins

Visiting the ruins of Ek 'Balam was on our schedule for Sunday. It was recommended by the hostel owner and I read about it in my Lonely Planet as well. I...

24 Oct

Hi!! Our weekend in Valladolid was a well-spent one! I love this city, it is full of energy, color, beautiful people, amazing nature and history! We went on Saturday, because Lisse and...

13 Oct
10 Things I Notice About Mexico

I have been in Cancún for about 1,5 month now, which I have enjoyed very much so far. Though, when talking to some friends I met here, we got to talking...

10 Oct
Isla Cozumel

Hi amigos! Isla Cozumel was our next destination for the weekend. On Thursday, Lisse and I went out to Nebrina and to Amarulo, two night clubs in the downtown centre of...

03 Oct
Cenote Cristalino

Dit weekend was een stuk rustiger, en hebben we eigenlijk vooral veel gechilld en gezwommen. Ik heb deze week eindelijk een abonnement op de gym genomen die bij mij op...

26 Sep
Peaceful Paamul

Hiiiiii! Afgelopen weekend ben ik met Lisse naar Paamul geweest, een klein baaitje tussen Playa del Carmen en Tulum in. Theresia vertelde ons dat je hier kunt kamperen op het strand,...

20 Sep
Weekend in Tulum

Dit weekend was echt by far het leukste weekend. Ik heb eindelijk via Facebook en internet wat mensen ontmoet met wie ik echt een ontzettend leuk weekend heb gehad in Tulum!!...