Kootje Dijkstra | Konkuk University
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23 Aug
First 24 hours in Seoul

On the 21st, it was time for me to say goodbye once again! Lucky for me, my wisdom tooth is coming through and I had to take a visit to the dentist few hours before I was going to leave :( High on painkillers I took...

10 Aug
10 more days to go

It is insane how time flies.. Almost seven months after coming back from Mexico, it is already time for me to pack my bags and head to another destination: South Korea! Although I am looking forward a lot to starting a life in my new...

21 May
Minor in South Korea!

Last week I finally recieved the last email from the Office of International Affairs, saying that I got accepted at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea! I could not be more happier :) In the last phase of my study IBL at Avans 's Hertogenbosch, we have to...