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23 Jan
Chiapas: San Cristóbal de las Casas

Hi there! Apologies for the delay of my post about our next stop: San Cristóbal de las Casas! Also located in the beautiful state Chiapas, of course. We continued our trip from Palenque on to this city more in the south. We read in our Lonely...

03 Jan
Cuba: Havana

On the 20th of December, Lisse, Floor and I finally flew to Cuba! We booked the flight the month before, and now the time had come. When I left for Mexico, I was hoping so badly that I would meet some nice people who were also...

16 Dec
Bacalar pueblo mágico

Ohhh man, last weekend in Bacalar was so incredible and amazing. It definitely reached my top 3 of best places in Yucatán (have only been in Yucatán Peninsula :) ), besides of Holbox. Bacalar's name is derived from the Mayan: b'ak halal, which means 'surrounded by...

01 Dec
Holbox heaven

Yesssssss!! This weekend we finally got to go to the beautiful Isla Holbox. We had been wanting to go there for weeks, and last weekend we finally took the plunge and went! At first we wanted to go with the Mayab bus, bus then José...

07 Nov
Chill at Isla Mujeres

This weekend was a bit more about relax and chill, since Lisse's friend Hilde arrived in Cancun Friday night. I had been not been feeling well Wednesday and Thursday, but on Friday I was recovered from my flu (I think?) and was ready for the...

31 Oct
Tulum at last

Although we are eager to go out of Cancun in the weekends, it is very hard to make decisions every time. I do have a to see-list with all the places in Yucatán and Quintana Roo I want to visit, but whenever you meet people...

10 Oct
Isla Cozumel

Hi amigos! Isla Cozumel was our next destination for the weekend. On Thursday, Lisse and I went out to Nebrina and to Amarulo, two night clubs in the downtown centre of Cancun. There was a promotion that offered us three different kinds of gin tonics for...

03 Oct
Cenote Cristalino

Dit weekend was een stuk rustiger, en hebben we eigenlijk vooral veel gechilld en gezwommen. Ik heb deze week eindelijk een abonnement op de gym genomen die bij mij op de hoek van de straat zit. De gym heet YEK, en dat is eigenlijk niet...

26 Sep
Peaceful Paamul

Hiiiiii! Afgelopen weekend ben ik met Lisse naar Paamul geweest, een klein baaitje tussen Playa del Carmen en Tulum in. Theresia vertelde ons dat je hier kunt kamperen op het strand, dus besloten we hier het weekend door te brengen! Eigenlijk zouden we met zijn vieren...