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20 Dec
Full moon party @ Tulum

Hi everyone! This was another week of work work work, but also a few parties! On Monday, it was Floor's 22nd birthday, and we decided we should not stay at home and celebrate it, although I had to work the next day. You only turn 22...

31 Oct
Tulum at last

Although we are eager to go out of Cancun in the weekends, it is very hard to make decisions every time. I do have a to see-list with all the places in Yucatán and Quintana Roo I want to visit, but whenever you meet people...

20 Sep
Weekend in Tulum

Dit weekend was echt by far het leukste weekend. Ik heb eindelijk via Facebook en internet wat mensen ontmoet met wie ik echt een ontzettend leuk weekend heb gehad in Tulum!! Tulum is een klein dorpje ongeveer 2 uur van Cancún af. Het ligt aan het...