Kootje Dijkstra | Full moon party @ Tulum
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20 Dec Full moon party @ Tulum

Hi everyone!
This was another week of work work work, but also a few parties! On Monday, it was Floor’s 22nd birthday, and we decided we should not stay at home and celebrate it, although I had to work the next day. You only turn 22 once in a lifetime 🙂 First we had a few drinks at the rooftop of Floor’s apartment, which is super chill and relaxing, and afterwards we went to Amarula. When we arrived at Avenida Nader, where Amarula is located, we figured out that it was closed?! Well, off to the hotel zone then. I actually had never been to the hotel zone before (for beachdays only), and now I know why.. this is not my kind of party. All the dancers and loud clubs with bad music, I really do not feel the urge to go there again. We went to this club called Congo, and had to pay an entrance fee of 900 pesos!! And after we left for a swim, I lost my phone 🙁 So my evening ended a little bit fucked.
I had to go to the police station to file a report of loss, which was quite a challenge since I am not that skilled in this kind of conversations in Spanish.

On Thursday, we arranged a Dutch Dinner for the nanny parents of Hilde. José invited us a few times already to spend the evening with them, and we even got invited for Thanksgiving. Also, when we left for Holbox, he offered us to take the car. We wanted to do make a gesture by suggesting to make dinner for him and his family, with only typical Dutch food! Together with Floor, Julia, Lisse, Hilde, Sanne (a friend of Hilde) and Theresia, we cooked the dinner and it had been such a nice evening! We made the typical meatballs with ‘stamppot’, pancakes, ‘poffertjes’, apple pie and peasoup. José and his wife really appreciated it and also liked the food!! Mission accomplished 🙂

On Saturday, it was time to pack our bags and go to Tulum! After 3 months, we finally decided to join the Full Moon Party again, at the Papaya Playa Project.

schermafbeelding-2016-12-19-om-23-41-32It had been a very nice experience last time Lisse and I went there, so we got pretty excited. And also, we were able to take the car again to Tulum, making it a great roadtrip for us!

We stayed at the El Punto hostel/hotel for the second time as well. It is a nice place on the main road, with both premium rooms and bunk beds, so choice for everyone. Also the continental breakfast with bread and fruit is included.

schermafbeelding-2016-12-19-om-23-41-27In the afternoon, we had lunch at the beach at a very nice place called ‘Zulum’, which is located on a rooftop with the greatest view. We had some guacamole, a good coffee and ceviche over there. It is kind of our favorite food of Mexico, so sorry for the lack of variation.


Such a nice place 🙂 🙂


Making a mermaid!


Getting ready for the party! We went early so that we were able to get the tickets for free. We all ordered the vegetable wok and it was delicious!

Julia, Sanne, Hilde, Lisse, me and Floor!



And again.. a great party! The music was a bit of a disappointment in the end, with only techno and trance music, which we didn’t like. We went home a bit earlier than expected, but that was fine, because we had to get up early anyways.

schermafbeelding-2016-12-19-om-23-41-05The next morning, Lisse and I decided to stay a bit longer in Tulum and not drive back to Cancun with the car. We went to Playa Paraiso, which is a paradise indeed, and chilled there to get rid of our hangover 🙂 Around 4pm, we definitely needed some coffee and food, and went to a nice bar at a hotel roof terrace. We ordered guacamole of course and this one was sooooo good!!

Around 5pm, we went back to Cancun with the colectivo and went to Plaza las Americas, where we watched Collatoral Beauty, a new movie with Will Smith. Definitely shed some tears 🙁

And now, another adventure waits… we are going to CUBA tomorrow!! Can’t wait to see beautiful Havana and Trinidad! Going to be off the radar for a week, but after that you will have tons of posts about Cuba i guess.


Hasta la vista! X KO