Kootje Dijkstra | Minor in South Korea!
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21 May Minor in South Korea!

Last week I finally recieved the last email from the Office of International Affairs, saying that I got accepted at Konkuk University in Seoul, South Korea! I could not be more happier 🙂

In the last phase of my study IBL at Avans ‘s Hertogenbosch, we have to do an exchange program in which you will study abroad at an university. After my internship abroad in Mexico, I could not wait to head back and experience living in another country over again. Though, as amazing the time had been, I also wanted to take further steps and discover more places and other cultures as well.

After lots of thinking and researching universities in Europe, I had decided that I was not going to waste the opportunity to go overseas again. I applied for Konkuk University in March.
During the semester, which lasts from August 20th until December 20th, I will live on a campus dorm, accompanied by another girl whose name I don’t know yet. In advance I had to sign up for courses, which can be switched and changed as well at arrival. It is mostly business related, but you also have the opportunity to choose Korean language and, for example, English literature.

Though, I have to bear in mind and keep up to date about political movements and changes going on in both North and South Korea. As for now, the plan still proceeds.. but we will see what the upcoming months have in store!

Anyway, I can’t wait and I am super super super looking forward to it 😀